From the roads that were conquered
To the highs that were attained,
From the egos that were hurt,
To the perceptions that were shattered.

We are back with another epic ride with the mightiest lot of riders to the Himalayas

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Women ride to the Himalayas, breaking stereotypes at every level

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The riders showed true grit and determination battling the weather and altitude

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From last year's mighty lot

i don’t want to escape fear, but just conquer it!

- Roshini Somkuwar, 22, Nagpur

I want to inspire, motivate and lead my team

- Anam Hashim, 21 Lucknow

Follow your heart to get what you want

- Ebronah Dorothy, 24, Chennai

Once you know what defines you, you are unstoppable

Garima Kapoor, 21, Lucknow

Some moments are best witnessed than captured

Megha Chakraborty, 25, Bilaspur

Smart women with smart machines can achieve anything

Pallavi Fauzdar, 36, Delhi

My quest is to seek and experience new moments in life

Shruthi Naidu, 29, Bengaluru

Be yourseld and you will never regret it

Surbhi Tiwari, 28, Bengaluru

One should live to fulfill their passion when life presents it to them

Trupti Salmalkar, 49, Mumbai

It's time to break the stereotypes in riding as well

Antara Pal, 26, Bengaluru

The energy you bring to life can change your perceptions

Kainoor Mistry, 22, Mumbai

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