1. Do I have to bring my Scooter?

    No, we will be giving the Scooty Zest110 to you, and you will be riding on them to the Himalayas.

  2. Will I be riding through out? Do we take breaks?

    Yes, even the toughest riders need their breaks. We will take time out and relax before we get back to riding on the Himalayan roads.

  3. Do I need to have riding experiences for this?

    We are looking for riders who love riding, and who are passionate about it. If you have experience with going on rides that will be great but not having one makes it even better.

  4. Will I get training to ride on these rough terrains?

    We provide the necessary learning lessons and tips to handle the roads along with assistance during the ride.

  5. Will I be able to handle the extreme conditions?

    It does take time to get acclimatized to the weather conditions, but don't worry our expert team will be there to help you.

  6. On selection, can I take somebody along with me for the ride?

    No, only the chosen rider can be part of the ride.

  7. Who will bear the expenses to be incurred on the trip?

    For the selected final riders, the expenses be taken care by TVS Motor Company.