Two wheeler riding is great fun and an exciting sport. However, this also requires some extra precautions to be taken to ensure the safety of a rider and passenger. These precautions are:

Wear a helmet
One of the most serious injuries that can happen is a head injury therefore always wear an ISI approved helmet.

Riding Apparel
Choose good quality two wheeler riding apparel when riding your two wheeler, as loose, fancy clothing can be uncomfortable and unsafe while riding.

It is important to concentrate on the road and be a cautious rider. Never get distracted while riding. If you must look at something on the road, make sure to stop and then proceed.

Its important to have this quality when you are stuck in a traffic jam, Or when other riders commit mistakes. Remember to ride safe and that's what is most important.

Self Confidence
Be confident to ride well. However, don’t be over confident.

Observe Road Safety Rules
The rider should follow and observe road safety rules as specified in the Motor Vehicle Act.